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Drawing a Tomato in Colored Pencil with Wendy Hollender

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Draw Botanical’s online program

A thorough immersion into the world of scientifically accurate, three-dimensional, and artistically rendered natural illustration.

Whether you’re just broaching this unique skill or are already an expert, these step-by-step instructions and extensive videos are an invaluable guide, created by one of the nation’s leading experts in the field, Wendy Hollender. Each lesson increases in complexity to build your skill set in a clear, concise, and accessible way. With a focus on the natural world through the botanical life-cycle, each project is not only a technical study, but a beautiful piece of artwork in and of itself. Self-Paced Course.

  •  Single light source toning technique
  • Principles of perspective for drawing flowers
  • The fundamentals of plant anatomy
  • Colored pencil and watercolor combined techniques
  • Color Theory of the natural world

Two Subscription Programs Available:

The Practice of Botanical Drawing: $40 monthly or $400 for a year (Comprehensive Course–view the Course Outline)

Botanical Basics: $20 monthly or $200 for a year (Short 30-minute lessons–view the Course Outline)

Access to Both Programs for $50 monthly or $500 for a year (with coupon)

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Drawing an Apple with Colored Pencil and Waterolor with Wendy Hollender: One Lesson from “The Practice of Botanical Drawing Complete Course”

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Botanical Basics Course

These are 30-minute instructional meditations around botanical illustration. This online drawing course supports a routine of practice with a minimal time commitment. Then you will build confidence in your core drawing skills. As a result, you will increase your set of techniques in botanical illustration. Furthermore, this will encourage a relaxed time to create.


The Practice of Botanical Drawing Course

Step-by-step botanical illustration lessons. In addition, access video and visual instruction in this online drawing course. Use colored pencil and watercolor pencil. Most importantly, study natures forms, patterns and colors. Draw throughout the year while using seasonal botanical subjects.


Custom Spiral Sketchbooks with Hotpressed Watercolor Paper

Custom Sketchbooks and refills of paper of Stonehenge Aqua Hotpressed 140lb watercolor paper. An excellent choice for Botanical Illustration in colored pencil and watercolor.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

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