For students transitioning from the 2016 Year of Botanical Drawing platform: What’s new about “The Practice of Botanical Drawing?”

In “The Practice of Botanical Drawing,” new lessons and additional guidance will be added to the original foundation of lessons. This is an organic process based on student development, feedback and particular areas of challenge experienced by students.
Botanical drawing lessons are designed to be repeated. I want to remind you to revisit these lessons over and over. Think of them as a template that can be used to draw an infinite amount of botanical subjects. I think you will be delighted to discover that when you repeat a subject or a lesson it will become easier and you will see progress in your drawings.
This new and improved online platform will enhance your botanical drawing lessons in several ways:

You will have one unique login to access all the content and manage a community profile.

Your profile will house an archive of all of your drawings.

The “Groups” discussion boards will be more streamlined and easier to use, and community interaction has improved.

You will be able to manage and track your progress within each botanical drawing lesson.

Topics in development for “The Practice of Botanical Drawing” include:
Color harmony, leaf varieties, variegated leaves, botanical watercolor techniques, still-life, plant families, backgrounds, natures patterning and other surprises.

How long will I have access to the videos, lessons, and community page?

You will have access to the videos, lessons, and community/profile page as long as your subscription to botanical drawing lessons is active.

What happens to my profile page if I discontinue my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, your profile page will be unavailable and archived.

Are the instructional videos available for download?

No. They are streaming videos and require internet access to be viewed.

What kind of paper/pencils does Wendy recommend?

Wendy has all of her favorite and recommended art supplies for sale in the Shop.

Are “The Practice of Botanical Drawing” lessons available in print format?

Yes! Purchase the printed, spiral-bound lessons here.

Should I complete the lessons in numerical order?

You can choose to complete botanical drawing lessons in any order and at your own pace. Wendy recommends choosing lessons that use subjects that are readily available during the season that you are currently experiencing (daffodils in spring, red leaves in autumn, etc.).

Who are my “friends?”

This online learning program includes a community element which is fostered through a social media-type plugin on our website. This interface is intended to encourage thoughtful dialog between all the participants in each course. It is modeled after other similar sites, like Facebook, which use “friends” to describe associations with other individuals. We hope that you can feel safe enough on this site to call everyone a friend. Please help us to foster an environment of encouragement and growth and treat other participants with respect.
With that said, …It doesn’t matter how many friends one has.

When you become someone’s friend, you get notifications about that person’s updates and vice versa.

You do not have to be everyone’s friend.

If you would like to participate in the Group Discussion and gallery uploads, you should become friends with Wendy and Vern so that they can invite you to join the Group boards.

You do not have to be friends with someone to see and comment on their posts in the Group board. You just have to be a member of the Group.

How do I participate in the online discussion?

Once you purchase an online course and log in, you will receive an invitation to become friends with Wendy or Vern. Accept the friend request, and you’ll get an invitation to join your course’s Group Discussion Board. Accept the invitation, and click the “Groups” icon to start the discussion and upload your drawings. There is one Group for each Course: all lessons from that course are discussed in one place.

How do I receive feedback on my works-in-progress?

Once you have accepted an invitation to your course’s Group Discussion Board, click the “Groups” icon, choose your Group, and you will be prompted to upload your drawings, receive feedback and comment on other posts as well. Scroll down to view recent activity in the Group.

What is a Group?

The Group board is designed to be the place where you can post your drawings and participate in discussion. If you do not join the Group board, you will not be able to post your drawings and get feedback from the online community. You can certainly choose not to participate in the Group board, but then there is less opportunity to post your work and see the work of others.
Note: you do not have to be friends with someone to see and comment on their posts on the Group board. You just have to be a member of the Group.

How do I upload my drawings to a Group?

Once you are a member of a Group, click to type in the “Post” box. *It is recommended that you TYPE YOUR TEXT FIRST in this box before uploading a drawing.

Just below the text box, you’ll see an “Add Media” icon that looks like this:

Click the “Add Media” icon and choose the file you want to upload.

Click “Post Update”

How do I photograph my drawings?

To get a good quality image to upload, scan or photograph your drawing.

To scan, you’ll need a digital scanner. Set it to scan at 300dpi in color. Save it as a .jpg file and upload.

To photograph, use a high-resolution camera (many smartphones work well for this). Place your work on a flat surface in a well-lit area (with light coming from all angles if possible—outdoors on a sunny day makes for great photos) and try to photograph it from directly overhead. Edit as needed: rotate, crop, and adjust the resolution as needed so that it is at 300dpi. Save the file as a .jpg and upload.

Tech-savvy folks: Note there are also simple editing tools available to you within the site once your drawing is posted. If you click your posted image, you should see an “edit” icon or button. Clicking that will take you to another screen with the tabs “Details” and “Image.” Clicking “Image”, and then “Modify Image” will give you access to some simple tools like Rotate and Crop.

How do I attend a monthly webinar?

On the scheduled day of the meeting, at the scheduled time (usually 7:30pm EST), log in and click the “Webinars” button. Click the large, pink button that takes you to this month’s meeting. You will be directed to a login screen. Log in as a “Guest” and type your name in the box.

Once you are inside the virtual meeting room, make sure your volume is up and the Speaker icon is green. Participate in the meeting by typing in the “Chat” box.

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